Smagulova Sh. A.
Students Entrepreneurship & International Movement SIFE.
Journal "Vestnik KazGU". Serial of Economic Siences. Almaty, Kazakhstan, 1999, 1.

After the collapse of the USSR all kinds of Komsomol & pioneer organizations spotted their existence, that led to the decrease of the creative stimuli & the increase of crimes among the youth/ It is for this reason that the spread of an American international movement SIFE in the republic gives every opportunity for the students to develop the skills of entrepreneurial activity.

The idea of SIFE first was originated in the USA in the early 1980s. In 1984 only 18 teams participated in the competitions, but in 1995 the number of the active reached the record level 176. 30000 participants of SIFE worked out & put 4191 teaching programs into practice involving more than 70 mln citizens of the USA in this activity. Moreover . in 1984 the movement SIFE was internationally recognized: the teams from Canada & Poland participated in the competition. Since the 1990s the teams from higher educational establishments of the Central Asian republics have been participating in the movement.

Students in Free Enterprise is as non-commercial public organization, the task of which is to form students teams by teaching them the principles of the market economy. And this aim is achieved by creating new projects & programs that are shared with other people.

The entrusted responsibility inspires & stimulates the students to broaden their outlook & deepen their knowledge in economics. SIFE does not collect membership or some other kinds of fees for the participation : all the needed information & materials given by SIFE to its members are free.

The main philosophy of SIFE may be expressed by the words : " If you tell me . I will forget; if you show me, I will remember; if you involve me in the action, I will understand". Teaching other people, students themselves learn much about the laws of free entrepreneurship, gain much experience & develop their leadership abilities that are necessary for their future promotion.

The participants of SIFE teach other people - from schoolchildren to pensioners the fundamentals of free entrepreneurship. They strive to spread the ideas of SIFE in society as wider as possible : organize different TV & radio shows, publish articles in newspapers & magazines , publish & distribute various booklets & books where they try to explain the role of enterpreneurship in contemporary world economics & fundamental principles of the system of free enterprise.

The competitions organized by SIFE give the students every chance to submit their works ( projects) to the judgements of the jury consisting of the officials of state & private firms. In this way. The participants can demonstrate their business-like qualities to employers & business partners.

The jury, while appraising the submitted business projects are guided by the following criteria:

    1. how effectively the students reflected documentarily their activity;
    2. how effectively the students reflected documentarily their activity in their annual report;
    3. how well the students explain to others the ways of doing business , producing goods & services & the ways of gaining profits & what to do with them.
    4. How successfully the students share experience & skills that are necessary in the world market. These skills may include : technology, communication, business ethnic & proper behavior, attitude of society , personal responsibility & the spirit of enterpreneurship.

    How well the students study & their readiness to continue successfully SIFE programs in the future; & how successfully the students used their resources & possibilities & were not restricted by :

    1. the Board of entrepreneurs;
    2. the students of non-economic departments;
    3. the press ( taking into consideration the amount & status of the group).

On the basis of the appreciation of the projects given b y the jury SIFE HQs awards the participants & teachers with diplomas & valuable prizes. The winner-team represents SIFE of Central Asia in the USA.

In the summer of 1995 11 universities of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan formed initiative groups of SIFE students.

The team SIFE KazGU was formed in September 1995 at the department of economic & sociology. 70 active students became the members of the team.

The motto of the team SIFE KazGU: "Do small, inspire All " help them realize their aims & tasks , namely:

    1. to spread the ideas & principles of SIFE at universities , colleges & schools in the RK through TV & broadcasting ;
    2. to learn themselves & teach others to use efficiently in practice those limited resources that they have at their disposal;
    3. to combine theoretical knowledge on the market with the practical activity;
    4. to use the technical means of teaching in order to improve methods of teaching & for better comprehension of the material.

On March 20, 1996 the first Central Asian regional competitions of SIFE teams were held in Bishkek ( Kyrzystan ). And the two reams winners from Kazakhstan ( KazGU) & Kyrgystan American Department ) had a chance to go to the USA (Missouri) to participate in the international competition / Our teams competed with 54 strong & experienced reams of the USA & other countries. The ream from Kazakhstan was awarded the prize " Rookie of the year " & the team from Kyrgystan won the prize "Second Run-up " in its league.

How are things of the team SIFE KazGU at present?

On March 12, 1999 the republican competition between the Kazakhstani Students teams of SIFE was held at Turan University in Almaty. The teams of KazGU. Of Kazakh State Academy of Management . of the Academy of Labor & Social Relation & of Turan University.

Before the start of the republican competition the advisers organized the casting of lots to determine the order of priority. Every team was to demonstrate its presentation not exceeding 24 minutes & business projects elaborated by the students were appraised by the jury.

The team of KazGU representing Kazakhstan at the international competitions became the champion of 1999.

Our projects are designed not only for gaining commercial profits , but also for spreading & propagating the ideas of ISFE among the youth . But it should be noted that for carrying out entrepreneurial activities it is necessary for students to have sponsors but by virtue of certain circumstances it becomes more & more difficult to find them. That is why great attention is paid to educational, social, humanitarian & charity activities.

Some students business projects are as follows:

Organizing & rendering photoservices.

Many students cannot afford themselves very expensive photoservices. It prompted them to set up photo centres.

We also elaborated the business plan & submitted it to the joint venture "KazBased Ltd"

After being discussed & supported by the administration of the university in November 1996 the centre on rendering photoservices at low prices (approximately by 17-19 percent lower ) was established by the team SIFE KazGU.

In January 1997 such kind of centres were opened at other Universities of Almaty : KazNTU, KazLU & KazAT&C. Now we continue perfecting our activity in this field .

Reference Book on HEEs ( higher educational establishments) of Almaty.

The main goal of this project was to work out & publish the information reference book on HEEs of Almaty in order to help applicants choose the universities, speciality & the place where to study.

The preparation of the reference book consisted of the following stages:

    1. collection of information on HEEs of Almaty. For this purpose we compiled standard questionnaire which included 30 questions such as : the year of its foundation , the number of departments & specialties & so on.
    2. Processing of the data received using computers & starting to print the texts.

This reference book was published in 2 forms : as booklet & its computer version in 2 languages Russian & English.

Books for You.

For realizing this projects the students of SIFE contacted with Russian publishing houses as "Dialectics", "Drofa" ( great bustard - zoo) , "Higher School ", and "Enlightenment". With their assistance we have made the price list of 25 000 names of printed products. With the help of the trade union committee of KazGU we have settled the problem of selling books . We have organized the permanent centres for placing orders & group of traders at HEEs of Almaty such as KazSLU, KazNTU, KazSAM, AGU, & at schools #12 & #121.

The main purpose of this project was to help students & teachers by making available even the most expensive books.

Besides , the books bought at our centres are as twice cheaper than at the bookstores of Almaty. For example, the book "Fundamentals of management "costs 1300 tenge at the bookstores of the city , but you can get at our trading centres for 680 tenge,

The price of book in our catalogue consists of : 50 % - publishing costs, 12% - transport costs, 10 % - realization , 8% - printing services, 5 % - communication services , 10 % - net profit.

Formation of Taxation Culture (FTC).

Our team, understanding the importance of the state program on the formation of culture in Kazakhstan , offered its services to the fund "FTC" the role plays in taxation at secondary schools & colleges of Almaty with an economic bias.

The main purpose of this project is to form taxation culture among schoolchildren . In February & March 1999 we organized role plays & lectures on taxation at 10 schools. The play under the title "I paid taxes" was held in the 7,8,9, grades.

This kind of work is assigned to develop the skills in the financial & economic activity that are necessary for managing enterprises in different branches of industry. It gives them some fundamental knowledge about the principles of forming & spending the budget.

Organization of Intellect Shows.

On December 25, 1998 the team SIFE KazGU organized an intellectual entertaining play "Intellect Show 98". The purpose of this undertaking was:

After each activity we usually organize the presentation of the team SIFE in order to propagate the ideas of SIFE & to attract new participants.

II Central Asian Games

The team SIFE KazGU on September 13-20, 1997 rendered their assistance in orginizing II Central Asian Games in Almaty in such kinds of sport as basketball, boxing & field & heavy athletics. One of the sponsors of the games provided us with the uniforms. An active participation of the team SIFE KazGU in the organization of the II Central Asian games as volunteers vividly showed the realization of the principles of the stragedy of the RK President Kazakhstan 2030for healthy mode of life.

Students Scientific & Practical Conference

The team SIFE KazGU initiated the idea of orginising the scientific & practical conference devoted to the Independence Day of the RK. With the assistance of the University the program was worked out the students & teachers of the university as well as the other SIFE teams of Almaty were informed.

The main aims of this project were as follows;

Thus , proceeding from the above mentioned points, the following conclusion may be made; the Kazakstan students, participatibg in the SIFE movement & using some theoretical knowledge, have everyopportunity to put into effect all their creative projects, to gain professional skills & to learn in practice how to realize the principles of the market economy.